Friday, November 16, 2012

Forte 11-9-12

Back in business with the playlists...dunno if this one will be uploaded yet, but HERE is the podcast page...sometimes things get done very slowly at WIDR, but I guarantee all the shows will be listenable there pretty soon.

Voivod - Prolog/Experiment
Bologna Violenta - Paura in Citt
Nihil Nocturne - Phenomenon
Coroner - Metamorphosis
Surachai - Void
Morgus - Violent Beatings
Mudbath - Loserwood
Meathook Seed - A Furred Grave
Sodom - Sepulchral Voice
Circle of Ouroborus - These Days and Years to Kill
The Black Meat Procession - Fudge Tunnel
Atheist - Second to Sun
False - The Key of Passing Suffering
Fear of God - Running Through the Blood
Obliveon - Droidomized
Dragged Into Sunlight - Part II of 'Widowmaker'
Optimum Wound Profile - Melt
Executioner - Going Blind
Lento - The Roof
Deftones - Swerve City
Deftones - Gauze
EYETOFUK - Orgasm Killed Bill
Morbid Angel - Invocation of the Continual One
Wrath of the Weak - The Thunderstorm
ID-VISION - Destination Cybermind
DBC - Heliosphere
Acid King - Evil Satan
Bolt Thrower - Psychological Warfare
Reveille - Perfect World
Burzum - Key to the Gate
Possessed - Burning in Hell
Multicide - Zero Element
Cythrawl - Pact of Blood with the Black Stag


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