Sunday, November 18, 2012

Obscuro podcasts

After beating you over the head with nu-metal all week, here are three more Obscuro! podcasts for your listening pleasure. We left off at February, 2010.

Episode 55 - 2-12-10


Sound Ceremony - Invitation to the Bizarre
Alvin Dahn - You're Driving Me Mad
Jerry Solomon - Chivalry of Early 50's
Jerry Solomon - Denied (All of Human Life)
Cloroform - Hostile Takeover
Twilight Nuages - Lonely Clown
Bruce Haack - Mallangong
Ego Summit - Novocaine
Dean Milan - Do it Like a Dog
Dimentia 13 - Can You Hear the Walls Melting
Minister and Nuns - It Feels Good to Be Good
Rustic Hinge - T on the Lawn for 3
Jandek - The Side of the Road
Sklof - Bonnie Prince Charlie
White Noise - The Visitations
Morty Shann and the Morticians - Movin' In
The Kids of Widney High - Hollywood
Arcesia - Soul Wings
This Heat - The Fall of Saigon/Testcard
Comus - Song to Comus
Coven - Pact with Lucifer
The Kinbotes - Zombie Girl
Jeep - Monkey Named John
The Lat-Teens - Smoke Shop
Nicodemus and Matchez - Legend of the Headless Harley Rider
Jerry Rayson - Espaco--With Space

Episode 56 - 2-19-10


Parafruit - Keep it in the Closet
Richard Powell - Where Has the Love Gone?
Dwarr - Animals
YaHoWa 13 - Pain
Debris - Manhattan
Rockin' Richie Ray - Baseball Card Lover
Red Krayola - Miss X
Erica Pomerance - Julius
Eddy Detroit - Mephisto Cigars (Folk Version)
The Screamers - Vertigo
Kit Ream - Wines
V-3 - Caucasian White
Sun City Girls - Blue Mambo
Exuma - Fire in the Hole
Bobb Trimble - Armour of the Shroud
Perry L. Jackson - Desert Wind
Sandy Hurvitz - Three Hawks
The Frogs - Children Run Away
Woodstock Al - Communication Breakdown
Sunburned Hand of the Man - The Underground Press
Adult - The End
Bill Bissett and th' Mandan Massacre - Awake in th' Red Desert
Jim Shepard - A Streetcar Named Depression
Mij - Two Stars
Wild Man Fischer - Serrano Beach
Pip Proud - A Bird in the Engine
Creepy John Thomas - Trippin' Like a Dog and Rockin' Like a Bitch

Episode 57 - 2-26-10 LOFIO


Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - My Mysterious Death (Turn it Up)
Gibson Bros. - Big Pine Boogie
Rocket from the Tombs - Ain't it Fun
Gibson Bros. - Moon Twist
electric eels - Accident
V-3 - Horse Kick
Ego Summit (ft. Mike Rep) - Black Hole
Pere Ubu - Small was Fast
Ego Summit (ft. Tommy Jay) - Novocaine
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Mama was a Schizo, Daddy was a Vegetable Man
V-3 - Forever Low Man
Tommy Jay - I was There
Pi Corp - Devil Weed
Jim Shepard - Burn Forward
Bassholes - Blackbird
electric eels - Dead Man's Curve
Pere Ubu - Final Solution
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Is She Shy
Pere Ubu - Chinese Radiation
Jim Shepard - Pull the Switch, Henry
Rocket from the Tombs - Transfusion
V-3 - American Face
Tommy Jay - Village Idiot
Pere Ubu - Nonalignment Pact
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Rocket Music On
Vertical Slit - 7:00 AM Jam
Jim Shepard - Interstate/End
Ego Summit (ft. Ron House) - Beyond the Laws
Ego Summit (ft. Jim Shepard) - Illogical

NOTE: This episode focuses on the multiple lo-fi groups/artists from Columbus, OH that I've come to love. I don't know why I didn't expand it into OTHER Ohio cities and play Guided By Voices and Brainiac, but I must've had a reason. Still a good collection of tunes, some dating back to the mid-70's.

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