Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Obscuro

Y'all are just eatin' this up, so I'll do three more.

Episode 61 - 4-2-10 CIRCUIT RIDER - 'S/T'


Jerry Solomon - They Came from Everywhere
Bob Smith - Don't Tell Lady Tonight
Carson's Raiders - The Teenage March
The O - Do It
Full Dimensional - Weeds
Raymond Scott - Sleepy Time
Jandek - Bells and Voices
Hot Poop - Screamin'
Pineapples - Come On Closer
Crime - Piss on Your Dog
Algebra Suicide - Lethargy
Boa Constrictor and a Natural Vine - Devil and the Ace of Spades
Emil Richards and the Microtonal Blues Band - Mantra
Circuit Rider - Old Time Feeling
Circuit Rider - How Long
Circuit Rider - Forever Angel's Proud
Circuit Rider - Laught
Circuit Rider - Just for Today
Circuit Rider - Limousine Ride
Circuit Rider - Billy Bad Billy
Circuit Rider - Chinese
Circuit Rider - Red Dog
Circuit Rider - Old Charlie
Art Carney - Song of the Sewer
Heartbeat Brothers - Growing Up
Henry Flynt - Jumping Wired
Stroke Band - Son of Sam
Danny Espy - When Will the Sun Shine

Episode 62 - 4-9-10 DEBRIS - 'STATIC DISPOSAL'


Svaty Vincent - Absolutni Vedomi
Flugeldar - I Wish You Were a Puppy Forever
Nobunny - I Am a Girlfriend
Linval Thompson and Big Joe - Smoke Marijuana
Freddie Blassie - Pencil Neck Geek
Madrigal - Tambula
Drug Problem - Sexually Transmitted Text Message
Eddy Detroit - Evil Dark Face
Ruth White - Evening Harmony
Anton LaVey - ...On Satanism
MC Trachiotomy - Long to Hold You
MC Trachiotomy - You're On the Phone
Debris - One Way Spit
Debris - Female S
Debris - Witness
Debris - Tricia
Debris - Boyfriend
Debris - Leisurely Waiting
Debris - New Smooth Lunch
Debris - Manhattan
Debris - Flight Taken
Debris - Tell Me
Debris - Blue Girls
Thai Orchestra - (Unknown Track 1)
Wicked Witch - Fancy Dancer (Previously Unreleased Re-Mix)
Husbands - Who's Got the Pot?
Phew - Mapping

Episode 63 - 4-16-10 SENSATIONAL - 'LOADED WITH POWER'


Edan - Migraine (Almighty Dust Mix)
Hurt 'Em Bad and the S.C. Band - Monday Night Football
MC Trachiotomy - Discover It
Ricky B - Shake it fa ya Hood
Del the Funky Homosapien - Back in the Chamber
Zagu Brown - State of Mind
MC Potbelly - Santa is Dead
Basehead - 2000 B.C.
The O - Nausea Bluez
Dr. Clarke - H1N1 Rap
V1rus - Wolverine is a Bitch
Z-Man - Historical Moments
Lil Mac - Gangsta Groove
Esham - HeltersKKKelter
Sensational - Thick Marker
Sensational - Where it Started at
Sensational - Freak Styler
Sensational - Skit N' Scatterin'
Sensational - Vibration
Sensational - Hardcore
Sensational - Craving Satisfaction
Sensational - Bumpity Bump
Sensational - Served Proper
Sensational - Waistline Unstraight
Sensational - Ripping It
Sensational - After Hours
Sensational - Freaky Alert
Sensational - Umm
Sensational - When I Deal Minze
Subtitle ft. Radioinactive - 28
Orko the Sykotik Alien - Put it on Cassette

NOTE: We didn't quite make it through the Sensational album, which is a bit longer than your average LP. This is also like my first attempt at 'Incredibly Strange Rap,' of which there are many.


b-e-d-t-i-me said...

i tell this story every time sensational comes up, so i'll tell it again. i met sensational outside of phat beats in nyc some 8 or 10 years ago. and i was already a fan so i bought the cd he was slinging, then played him some beats i had gotten froma friend of mine, and we ended up exchanging info.

for the next several weeks, sensational called me trying to smoke (my) weed and get drunk as much as possible. he also tried to have a threeway with me and this girl i was seeing at the time. eventually i stopped answering the calls.

sensational is still one of my favorite rappers, and loaded with power is easily one of the better rap records to come out of the post 95 era.

Bizarro Jerry said...

That's ridiculous! Yeah, everything I've heard leads me to believe he's a pretty insane guy. Weirdest vibe on a rap record I've ever heard, for sure.

mats ivar said...

great stuff. do you know where i can find info on "the o". great rapper but very hard to find stuff with. / mch

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