Saturday, November 3, 2012

Svaty Vincent - S/T

More 'outsider' metal for y'all....Don't know much about this guy, other than he's from Russia and he's really angry. Most of the lyrics seem blatantly satanic, and the music is aggressive and primitive. It's unclear if Svaty Vincent is just the vocalist, or if he plays all the stuff himself. To me, it sounds like a live recording, so I'm guessing he's just the vocalist. A track from this 1990 album appeared on the original 'Incredibly Strange Metal' compilation, and rightfully so. I play this disc on my metal show when I want people to call and complain (which is often.)

1. Zmrtvychvstani
2. Rikaji o mne, ze jsem divnej, zaplat panbuh, ze mam tak vysoke postaveni
3. Patologicka agresivni deviace
4. Nekroman
5. Krucifix
6. Absolutni vedomi
7. Spirocheta Vincenti
8. Lucifere!



JCS said...

Thanks so much for posting this and the Malicious Onslaught albums! Haven't listened to them yet, but it'll give me plenty to chew on in the forthcoming days. Yes, don't anger Duane Warr, if his temperment is anything like his music he could be quite a handful.

BabyHugZ said...

Anyway you could plz re-post this? Also thank u for yr current strange metal postings.