Friday, July 20, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 3

Keepz gettin' weirder...just how it should be. The one that's going on right now (literally, I'm on air as I write this) is by far the weirdest collection of jams yet. You'll just have to catch it on here next week if you're not listening...


Bob Chance - Jungle Talk
Criminal Mafia - Playa Hataz
Atom 12 - Lost in a Maze
J.A. Caesar - (title in Japanese)
Prosthetic Cunt - The Ants Wanna Eat the Freak
The You and What Army Faction - Magic as a Recreational Drug
Portion Control - Valuable Commodity
J-Rocc - He Then Turned the Gun on Himself
Violent Students - (Track 1)
Tommy V - Norwalk Nights
Zippo Zetterlink - At Sunday Night in the Blow Up
Homes in the Distance - Agony
Chubby Checker - Stoned in the Bathroom
Womack Da Omen - Book of the Dead
C.O.B. - I Told Her
Turntable Bay - I See Cake
The Happy Mask - Hazes of Smog
Ama - Pearl
Innaspace (Whyknows) - Killing Boredumb
Blousons Noirs - Depuis que ma Mome
Prince Khonjo 99 with Midzi Heritage Sound - Mchezo Wa Zaire
Thirteen Moons - Milkyway
Il Giardino Violetto - Giardino
196 Clique - Crucifix (Devil Shit)
Diamanda Galas - The Litanies of Satan
Circus (of the Shapeshifters) - This Stuff's Really Wacko
Planning for Burial - Being a Teenager and the Awkwardness of Backseat Sex
Yat-Kha - Burial
Constylations - Rat Race

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