Monday, July 23, 2012

Obscuro podcasts cont'd.

Three more. These seem to be a hit.

Episode 36 - 9-25-09 GUEST DJ ALEX FIVES


Eartha Kitt - I'd Rather Be Burned as a Witch
Stone Harbour - Witch to You
Dr. John D. Clarke - The Rules
The Shaggs - My Companion
Paternoster - Blind Children
Gary Wilson - Gary's in the Park
Footscray College - Lucifer
Bobb Trimble - When the Raven Calls
Zero Kama - Hassan I Sabbah
Roger Rubin and Rotfree Anderson - Heavy
Dennis Duck - One O'Clock Jump
Coven - Black Sabbath
Soggy - Lost My Brain
Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain
Vermonster - Black Sally
Jay Reatard - Ain't Gonna Save Me
Skip Spence - Little Hands
Harbinger - Circus World
The Do - Playground Hustle
Robbie the Werewolf - Rockin' Werewolf
Sunn0))) - Big Church
Nicodemus - Red Sky

NOTE: Yep, this one features my buddy Alex Fives, who at the time was also a WIDR DJ. He now plays in the Grand Rapids-based band Stepdad.

Episode 37 - 10-2-09


Sound Ceremony - Tobacco Man
Sound Ceremony - Our Song
Jandek - Forgive Me
Night Sun - Living with the Dying
Alex Chilton - My Rival
Comus - Drip Drip
Magma - Thaud Zaia
Debris - Blue Girls
Jr. and his Soulettes - Rock N Roll Santa
YaHoWa 13 - I Thought I Am
Silver Apples - Program
Christopher Montgomery - Paper
Red Krayola - Sheriff Jack
Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Henning i sin pressening
Eddie Callahan - Santa Cruz Mountains
Al Duvall - William Knave
White Boy and the Average Rat Band - Oriental Doctors

NOTE: This one's so short because apparently I didn't start podcasting til halfway through.



Bill Clint - Mama I'm a Baby
Bob Vido High - Speed
Thirsty Moon - Rooms Behind Your Mind
Simply Saucer - Mole Machine
Sun City Girls - The Flower
Bruce Haack - Word Game
Virgin Insanity - Thursday Matinee Theme Song (I Got Your Love)
Vyto B - Secret
Kaplan Brothers - Happy
The Strange - Twelve Boats
Gary Wilson - Chromium Bitch
Bob Log III - bump pow! bump bump bump bump pow!
Kenneth Higney - Night Rider
Bob Jacobs - The Illustrated Man
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Steppin Fetchit is Dead
Stephen David Heitkotter - Hangin' All Night
Stephen David Heitkotter - I Don't Mind
Stephen David Heitkotter - Quaker, Dog Got Away
Stephen David Heitkotter - Cadillac Woman
Stephen David Heitkotter - Fly Over the Moon
The Roadrunners - Pretty Me
Jack Starr - My Love for You is Petrified
Randy Holden - Fruit and Iceburgs
Dion McGregor - The Diet
Peter Grudzien - White Trash Hillbilly Trick
The Spoils of War - Now is Made in America

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