Saturday, July 21, 2012

Broken Halos - Da Compilation Album

...better keep up with posts now since apparently people are reading. This is another thing I'm putting up because it was a total pain in the ass to find.

I've been rockin' a lot of Three 6 Mafia recently...found I really like their old sound, but there are so goddamn many releases that it's hard to know what's worth hearing. This is a pretty good place to start.

So far, I still really like their first proper album, 'Mystic Stylez' but the first Koopsta Knicca solo album is real good, too.

I've linked y'all to this blog a few times, but here's the album in question...don't bother clicking the download link because it's long dead, though. Most of 'em are, which is unfortunate, because this site is great for finding totally underground whacked-out southern rap.

Apparently, 'Broken Halos' is a bunch of random tracks from rappers who've worked with Three 6 Mafia, but most of these tracks are, you get some stuff that sounds like the old school horrorcore DJ Paul tracks, west-coast-influenced G-funk stuff, and some REAL old school BDP type tracks. All in all, it's pretty all-over-the-place, and probably not a great place to start with Three 6 Mafia, but it's interesting.

I try to only post REALLY rare stuff so that my links don't get deleted 'n shit, but check out 'Mystic Stylez' which is a good introduction to the world of Juicy J and DJ Paul.

DJ Kid Slizzard Presents...Broken Halos - Da Compilation Album


1-01 - Skinny Pimp and 211 - Boomin' in the Projects
1-02 - Lil Fly - Funkytown's in My Brain
1-03 - MC Mack - Go to Church Hoe, Pt. 2
1-04 - Lil Jyule and Lil Fly - Test My Nutz
1-05 - Koopsta Knicca - Front a Busta
1-06 - Project Pat - I Get Da Chewin'
1-07 - Lil Corb - Run Yo Mouth
1-08 - Lil Gin - Rollin' Thru My Hood
1-09 - Koopsta Knicca - Smoking on a J
1-10 - Lord Infamous - Life of a Nigga
1-11 - Lil Noid - Load My Clip
1-12 - Gangsta Blac - I'm Gangsta Blac
1-13 - (missing apparently?0
1-14 - Skinny Pimp - Glock in My Draws
1-15 - Gangsta Boo - Smoke One
1-16 - Criminal Mafia - Devil Shit
2-01 - Lil Fly - Funked Out, Loced Out
2-02 - Nigga Creep and Frayser Click - Broken Halo
2-03 - Lil Sko - Hoe for a Housewife
2-04 - La Chat, Playa Fly and Tommy Wright III - Gangsta Forever
2-05 - Lil Noid - Criminalistic Knowledge
2-06 - Lil Glock and SOG - North Memphis
2-07 - Gangsta Blac, Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Lil Gin - Twist it, Hit it, Light it
2-08 - Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Skinny But Dangerous (Remix)
2-09 - Lil Corb - Robb Me a Bitch
2-10 - Lil Corb - When I Got Some Anna
2-11 - Lil Glock and SOG - Victim of a D
2-12 - Lord Infamous - Face to Face with Death
2-13 - MC Mack - We Don't Just Rap
2-14 - Criminal Mafia - Playa Hataz
2-15 - Lil Gin, Evaclear and Tha Joker - Casket Closed
2-16 - Gangsta Blac - Tire Shop


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