Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Divine Styler - 'Word Power 2: Directrix'

I'm putting this up here because it was a real shitty time finding it. Plus, if you recall, I put one of the Styler's other albums up here a while back. That album, 1991's 'Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light' was a mind-fuck, not-really-rap-at-all album from a trippy dude who hung with the 5% hip hop crowd. The record completely alienated him from most of his peers, and Divine Styler didn't put out another release for several years.

Then, after appearing on House of Pain's swansong 'Truth Crushed to the Earth Shall Rise Again,' he dropped this album in '98. Far removed from the chaos of his previous disc, this one is DEFINITELY a rap album, and a really good one, too. I was pretty surprised by how good it is, because doing a 'sequel' to your first (and best-selling) album is kinda a cheap means of getting people to buy it. The Styler mixes up his trademark rhyme flow by doing some slower tracks, and some extremely fast ones...there's also some fucked up distortion on a number of the vocal tracks, probably because it sounds cool.

The thing that I noticed first was how 'modern' this record sounds. It's not too different from a lot of the experimental stuff coming out these days like Antipop Consortium and Shabazz Palaces. Proof once again that Styler is one ahead-of-his-time dude. The best point of reference would probably be Kool Keith's 'Black Elvis/Lost in Space' album, but Styler's got a thing all his own....the lyrics are mainly spiritual (which goes back to the 5% thing...if you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up you lazy fool) but he actually rivals Keith with the space-doo-doo rhymes. Anyhow, pick it up here before Rapidshare deletes the file, because I don't have a premium account and I refuse to get one, or do re-ups (unless requested.)

Divine Styler - 'Word Power 2: Directrix'

1. The Ahdan
2. Contact I
3. Al Faatihah
4. Satan Dynasty Killa I
5. Unseen Letter
6. Triple Irons
7. Oneself Duel
8. The Grand Design
9. Before Mecca
10. Contact II
11. Hajji
12. Time Fold 79
13. Directrix
14. Nova
15. Make it Plain
16. Microphrenia
17. Satan Dynasty Killa II
18. Sound Quest



b-e-d-t-i-me said...

oh wow! big thanks from brooklyn, ny. i tried to get this way back when it came out on the strength of "make it plain" but due to stuff i didn't understand as a 15ish year old kid, my record store never ordered it for me.

jerx. thanks bizarro jerry!

Bizarro Jerry said...

Definitely! I'm a big Styler fan, and could never find this one...finally dug it up on SoulSeek, and figured someone else would enjoy it.

b-e-d-t-i-me said...

dag g, i finally got the chance to sit and listen to this. i was thoroughlly unimpressed! sadly. but it wasn't even the version of make it plain that i knew!

sorry to report back unhappy. but i figured i'd at least share ith you the remix i originally heard. keep posting tho, love your blog. sorry im sour!


Bizarro Jerry said...

It happens...

I dug it alright...not the mind-fuck that 'Spiral Walls' is. The vocal effects are what kept me interested. Did you ever hear his tracks on the last House of Pain album?

b-e-d-t-i-me said...

can't say i have, i'll surf around for them.

i'm also planning to listen to this record again when i don't have the same set of expectations. more of an honest listen, like. still dig the guy.

an Irish/Arab said...
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an Irish/Arab said...
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Nabil said...

a big thank you from London. i lost this album in a break up a few years ago. it's great to have a copy

Bizarro Jerry said...

No problem! This one seems to be a hit...maybe I'll post WP1, although it's a lot easier to come by.