Monday, July 9, 2012

A few more Obscuros for ya

Episode 25 - 7-10-09 BOBB TRIMBLE - 'HARVEST OF DREAMS'

Stephen David Heitkotter - I Don't Mind
Mike Rep and the Quotas - Mama was a Schizo, Daddy was a Vegetable Man
Sleep - Dragonaut
Jurassic 5 - Get it Together
Langley Schools Music Project - In My Room
Debris - One Way Spit
Jack Starr - Halloween Party
Helios Creed - Some Way Out
Maurizo Bianchi - Acido Prossico
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Dropout Boogie
Peter Grudzien - White Trash Hillbilly Trick
Proyecto A - A Neptuno
Flipper - Earthworm
The Smith Westerns - The Boys R Fine
Black Randy and Metrosquad - Marlon Brando
For Heaven's Sake - For Heaven's Sake
Melvin Jackson - Bold and Black
Little Teeth - Japanese Candy
Bobb Trimble - Premonitions--The Fantasy
Bobb Trimble - If Words were All I Had
Bobb Trimble - Armour of the Shroud
Bobb Trimble - Take Me Home Vienna
Bobb Trimble - Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Along
Bobb Trimble - Oh Baby
Bobb Trimble - Paralyzed
Bobb Trimble - Another Lonely Angel
Vyto B - Silicon Men
The New Creation - Dig! (The Origin of Man)
Daniel Johnston - Psycho Nightmare



Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire
Jandek - Walk Over
Roscoe Holland - Drug Net
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell
Katie Lee - Repressed Hostility Blues
Strawberry Path - Mary Jane on My Mind
Lee Oskar - BLT
1/2 Japanese - My Concentration, Oh No
Sea Rex - Smooth Medicine, Nectarface
William S. Burroughs - Sound Piece
Om - Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Narration
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Goin' to Bethlehem
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - No Room for You
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Could I Be Wrong
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - The Lady had a Baby
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - You'll Hear 'bout My Babe
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Fear I Feel
Countryside Unitarian Fellowship - Welcome Jesus
Butt Trumpet - Kill Yourself
Bruce Haack - Program Me
The Wicked Lady - Wicked Lady
Todd Rundgren - Piss Aaron
Edie and the Eggs - Punks, Get Off the Grass
Snakefinger - The Man in the Dark Sedan
The Little Stinkers - I Farted on Santa's Lap
Kenneth Higney - Quietly Leave Me
Hasil Adkins - She Said

Episode 27 - 7-24-09 PROYECTO A - 'S/T'


Haunted George - My Penance
Acid King - Evil Satan
Fun-Da-Mental - Cookbook DIY
Krackhouse - Burger King Town
Damien Storm - Realms of Destiny
Fishbone - Party at Ground Zero
Kaplan Brothers - Listening to Falling Rain
Suicide Machines - No Face
Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love
Konrad - My Girl
BB Gabor - Moscow Drug Club
Bubba Grey - Defiant Giant
Rose Maddox and Her Brothers - Move it on Over
The Frogs - I'm Sad the Goat Just Died Today
Mark Anthony Heide - Action
Proyecto A - A Marte
Proyecto A - A Neptuno
Proyecto A - A Jupiter
Jackson 5 - Ain't No Sunshine
Chris Connelly - Stowaway
Proyecto A - A Mercurio
Proyecto A - A Saturno
Proyecto A - A Venus
Proyecto A - A Urano
Proyecto A - A Pluton
The Free Design - Kites are Fun
Cosmic Michael - Heavy Boogie
Kan Mikami - Track 1 (title in Japanese characters)
Haunted George - Bone Cat

Episode 28 - 7-31-09 HARVESTER - 'HEMAT'


Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves
Chet Bolins - All American Masher
The Bugaloos - Older Woman
Cecil Barfield - Hooks in the Water
Bobb Trimble - Night at the Asylum
Mutiny - Lump
D.J. Lebowitz - The King of Happiness
Kip Addotta - Wet Dream
David Tukhmanov - Track 1 (title in Cyrillic characters)
ODA - Cheated
Roky Erickson - I Have Always Been Here Before
Billy Costello - Let's All Sing like the Birdies Sing
Danny Ben-Israel - Dawn with Hash
Jim Fassett - Strange to Your Ears, Pt. 2
Harvester - When the Lingonberries are Ripened
Harvester - Beautiful Crystal
Harvester - Cock-Polska
The Fugs - Boobs a Lot
Harvester - Nepal Boogie
Harvester - Everybody (Needs Somebody to Love)
Harvester - Bacon Tomorrow
Harvester - And the Sun Rises
Residents - Birthday Boy
Jandek - Why Did I Change a Word in the Last Song?
Boruk Glasgow - Eddie My Love
Acid King - Full Reverse


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