Friday, July 27, 2012

Bizarro Jerry's trash radio, vol. 4

Volume 5 is on the air right now...89.1 WIDR Kalamazoo. Here's 4 for ya:


Divine Styler - Sound Quest
Colleen Fulmer - Blessing the Divine Womb
Calypso Borealis - Xelim (Ekuri Awai)
Justin Warfield - B-Boys on Acid
Frank Michael Rizzo - Honey Road
Moggi (Piero Umilani) - Officina Stellare
Question Mark and the Mysterians - 96 Tears
Lil Ugly Mane - Cup Fulla Beetlejuice
Mike Garson - A Gershwin Fantasia
Third Quadrant - Backwards into the Future
2 Cruzeiros de Bala - Autofagia
Hackamore Brick - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas
Koopsta Knicca - Watcha Gonna Do
Yan Tregger - Escaping
Cryptopsy - Born Headless
Gettovetts - Gangster Lean
(Unknown Artist) - (Unknown Track)
Necrofrost - Slaughtered with Misanthropic Intent
Roger Roger - Sounds Industrial 16
Jun Dax - Watch Where You Walk
Magical Power Mako - Tundra
Robert "Killer" Fields - My Heart Will Know
Burzum - Dungeons of Darkness
Quakers - Russia with Love
Swarthmore Elementary 6th Grade - (excerpt of 'We Love Recess')
Happy Flowers - My Frisbee Went Under the Lawnmower
Black Vomit - La Pastora (The Shepherdess)...
Rev. G - Sinister Minister
Jim Shepard - In the Hall of Molds
BassLine Xcursionists - Understand
Mauthausen Orchestra - (excerpt of 'Anal Perversions')
Dr. Dre - (Side B of '86 in the Mix')
The Frogs - Pull a Kurt
Gore - After
Moggi (Piero Umilani) - Danza Galattica
Kongress - Tough Guys Don't Dance
Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero - Free Way
The Saturday Knights - Surf Song

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