Saturday, July 14, 2012

R.I.P. Dennis Flemion (Frogs re-up)

Since I don't normally fuck with the internet unless I'm at work, I didn't know until yesterday afternoon that one of the key members of The Frogs is missing, presumed dead. This plus MCA makes this like the worst summer for good music.

Longtime readers know how much I love The Frogs, and how often I play them on the radio (whenever I can get away with it.) So, here's my Frogs story:

I paid $50 for a Smashing Pumpkins ticket like two years ago. Before you call me a lame, let me say that the only reason I paid this much was because I heard The Frogs would be opening this show. Considering how rarely they play out, I was willing to drop 50 on that, plus, since they were opening, I wouldn't even really have to sit through Corgan and Co. if I didn't want to.

So, I get there about half an hour after the 'doors-open' time, knowing full well that most shows don't start until AT LEAST an hour after doors-open time. So, I was pretty surprised to find out that The Frogs had already played...

What the fuck, Billy Corgan? It was bad enough that the Frogs' set wasn't promoted all that well (I had to do some digging to find out they were opening in the first place) but to have them play BEFORE the doors-open time? That's just stupid. So, I never got to see The Frogs live, and now I never will, which is a bummer.

But, in response to the comments I got, here is a re-up of the Frogs' legendary 'CBGayB's' tape.

Apparently a live set from the CBGB's club recorded in '89, this has some great, rockin' versions of the classics. The best part is that when someone yells 'Free Bird!' drunkenly at the end of the show, they actually play it for a few seconds before telling the dude to fuck off.


...because I'm dropping some more extremely rare shit on your heads right now.

Maybe you've heard of the legendary VHS tape the Flemion brothers put together for Kurt Cobain. Or maybe it was Billy Corgan. I'm not entirely sure. Anyhow, it's definitely a real thing. There is definitely a 2-hour compilation of ridiculous skits, totally fucked live clips (many from open mics) and 'music videos' made to while away the long hours on the road. It's called 'Toy Porno' and it's absolutely hilarious.

And here it is.

And here's a really well-recorded live set from Portland, ME on 3-27-01:


1. Negro on Fire
2. Pleasure
3. Drugs
4. Homos
5. Whisper
6. Where's Jerry Lewis
7. Lord Grunge
8. Negro on Fire
9. Lord Grunge (Conclusion)
10. I Only Play 4 Money
11. Sleep on the Street
12. Dykes are We
13. N.Y. Shitty
14. Enter I
15. (stage banter)
16. Better than God
17. Hell Patrol
18. (stage banter)
19. Winter Lady
20. (stage banter)


NOTE: To use Ween terminology, this was a particularly 'brown' set....lots of fuck-ups, lots of yelling at the crowd, songs played twice, and made-up songs. Plus, this is the only place I've heard live version of 'Better than God' and 'Lord Grunge.' Enjoy, y'all, and keep these amazing weirdos in your hearts.

Also, apparently The Frogs just released a double-album THIS month?! I didn't hear anything about this, but I'm glad I found it. I'm not going to post it because you should totally pay 20 dollars for the whole thing. I just did and it's definitely The Frogs we know and love.


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Thanks for this. I'm buying the new albums now...