Sunday, July 22, 2012

Three more classic Obscuros...

Episode 33 - 9-4-09 FIRST CHIPS - 'VOLUME ONE'


Cooking with Gas - Cooking with Gas
Eddie Callahan - Paper Rain
The Lat-Teens - Mary Wanna
Jerry Rayson - Do the Boogaloo
David Guetta and Sidney Duteil - Nation Rap
Renaldo and the Loaf - A Medical Man
Vyto B - Year of the Elephant
Sound Ceremony - Electric Brain
The Space Lady - Major Tom
Companyia Electria Dharma - Fesomies
Afflicted Man - Zip Ead
Randy Rice - Hello/Mr. Dumpty, Before the Fall/The Song
First Chips - Stoneball
First Chips - Present Song of the Future
First Chips - Me and My Lady
First Chips - Pieces
First Chips - Time (Part One)
First Chips - My Love
Sleep - Dragonaut
First Chips - Fire Mountain
First Chips - Thoughts of You
First Chips - My World and Your World
First Chips - Mind and Soul
First Chips - Love Has Happened (Again)
High Speed and the Afflicted Man - Sun Sun

NOTE: I titled this file 'Technical Difficulties,' so a few tracks might get cut off...? Probably having problems with the CD players in the studio or something.

Episode 34 - 9-11-09 MARK TUCKER - 'BATSTEW'


Bob Chance - The Van Man
Bitter Blood Street Theatre - Why the Night is Crossed I Speak the Dead
Luie Luie - Touch of Light
Coven - Coven in Charing Cross
Skip Spence - Keep Everything Under Your Hat
Alien City - Older Men
Michael Yonkers Band - Smile Awhile
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk
Hot Poop - Always Play with My Food
The Bugaloos - If You Become a Bugaloo
Nicodemus - The Miser
Alvin Dahn - You're Driving Me Mad
Boots - City of Fear
Mark Tucker - Prologue: 1964 Cadillac
Mark Tucker - 64Z037375 Part 1
Mark Tucker - Sideways Love Forever
Mark Tucker - 64Z037375 Part 2
Mark Tucker - Honey Tree
Mark Tucker - Bataszew
Mark Tucker - Submerged Bat Vortex
Mark Tucker - 1964 Cadillac
Mark Tucker - Kids
Cosmic Michael - People's Fair
Mike Curb Congregation - More than Ever (Nixon Theme Song)
C. Newman and Janet Smith - My Wife is French
Mayo Thompson - Worried Worried
Three Pea's in a Podd - If I Ruled the World



T. Storm Hunter - Carrot Chaser
Mark Tucker - Everywhere with Sally (Ride)
T. Storm Hunter Interview
T. Storm Hunter - Flesh
Mark Tucker - Sandbox-Upon-Storm
Mark Tucker - Sally Sally She
Sally and Louise - When Kids were Cute
Mark Tucker - Can't Make Love
T. Storm Hunter - 44,000 Miles
Mark Tucker - Sultry Summer Siren/More than Just Friends
T. Storm Hunter - No Apple Pie in Heaven
Sally and Louise - Ha Ha Ha
Mark Tucker - The Importance of Making Molehills out of Specks
T. Storm Hunter - Strawberries (Finnish Folk Song)
T. Storm Hunter - Light the Lamp of thy Love

NOTE: This dude was really cool to interview...released some stuff in the early 70's, then changed his name legally to T. Storm Hunter sometime in the 80's, hence the differences. We talked for quite a while, so there's not much music in this one. If you're a fan of the 'Batstew' album, there's lots of neat info here, though.

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